Mains are entirely different from the Prelims objective examination. Mains are a subjective It gives you scope for analysis rather than mugging up the facts. Hence this Main examination has to study keeping in mind that one needs holistic approach in-depth with capacity to analyze the questions from various dimensions.


  • It also has two parts Static and Dynamic. From Dynamic mainly questions from the current affairs are asked. If you go through previous year’s question papers then Dynamic questions are being asked as well as static.
  • Start your preparation after prelims at the earliest whether you are sure or not sure about your prelims.
  • Make a plan to cover one subject in a specific timeframe. You need a simple strategy which will able you to cover all GS papers and your optional paper. GS Score weekly plan will help you to cover the current affairs section comprehensively.
  • In mains speed and depth of analysis are required. Hence without proper practice, one would not be able to finish off as many questions. Practice will help to deliver with accuracy. Hence try to maximize practice before going to the examination hall. Daily answer writing would help to ace this.
  • The dimensional analysis will require taking up a problem and then explain the various cause and effect relationship of the problem with various dimensions as political, economic, ethical, social, etc. Firstly prepare all subjects individually and then after an optimum point of time try to inculcate all subject knowledge in your answer writing.
  • Note making is a critical part of the mains. Note making is recommended not only for Optional but also for GS. This will help you to cover many aspects at the last time of your examination. Just try to prepare for the notes and reducing them with time. This will help you with the revision at the last moment.
  • Test series will able to help you in creating an examination hall situation in which you will be performing. The assessment of the question papers should be given due emphasis. Also multiple revisions of the notes and the questions are good for achieving good marks.
  • At the end of the day it is your in-depth analysis which would help you to get good marks in the exam. Try to analyze current affairs from multiple dimensions.
  • AS all the papers having equal weight age, hence it is recommended that focus is kept on all the GS paper, Essay as well as Optional. Thorough preparation and daily practice plan with weekly revisions would help you to achieve good marks in the Mains examination.