There are various factors that students take into consideration before zeroing in on the service of their choice. Most of the students choose IAS over IPS as their first option, but there are few who prefer other services like IPS, IRS etc.

Why should one join IPS?

  1. Specialization- As a specialist service dealing mainly with Law and Order , one develops subject specialization (like in the corporate) and this goes a long way in helping you work better than the generalist services. You are also encouraged to pursue any higher studies related to your subjects.
  2. Uniformed service-Uniform instills a sense of pride and duty in a human being. You will look a true hero from outside too (Added advantage ;-)). You are treated like an ‘Alien’ Wherever you go. (:-))
  3. Diversity-No two days are the same. You will have to deal with emerging problems. So you are on your toes most of the time. There is no way that you will get bored with your job.
  4. Interesting Assignments:If you manage to become a top notch officer in your cadre, all eyes will be on you. The government and your seniors will be counting on you take more risky assignments with that of RAW, IB etc. (More cannot be revealed here).
  5. Widely respected and a satisfying retired life. No dearth of post retirement opportunities.
  6. Use of sophisticated technology: If you are a technology loving guy, then this field offers you ‘hands-on’ experience with the Latest and the best in Security related technologies.

Weapons training is a part of your training and you will use it sparingly in your service. C

arrying a weapon doesn’t qualify as a merit for anybody to join the service. It is just a necessity.