The craze for the post of IAS, is something that evolves with time. The journey from a dreamer to an IAS officer is an amazing one. A lot of hard work and little bit of luck is required to become one.

The job profile includes,

  • Carry out executive responsibilities in administrative appointments such District Magistrate, Chief Development Officer, District Development Commissioner, Director of a department, Managing Director of a Public Sector Unit or a Senior officer in the State Secretariat.
  • In the State government hold appointments as Deputy Secretary; Joint Secretary, Special Secretary, Secretary, Principal Secretary, Chief Secretary and are in charge for formulating policies, supervision for their implementation
  • Sign agreements on behalf of the government
  • Work on deputation with the Union Government in  different ministries. Hold appointment as Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Director, Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary, Secretary and Cabinet Secretary. Manage day-to-day affairs of the government in consultation with the minister at the head of the Ministry.

With these kind of powers one can use his/her wisdom to bring change in the society. This is a very strong power at common man level. One should be able to take correct and quick decisions while keeping social welfare in mind.

The syllabus of Civil Service exam is such that one develops an overall personality. Skill of leadership comes naturally to an aspirant and is able to give quick and correct decisions with good intelligence and planning. As the range of general knowledge of an IAS officer is panoramic, He is able to plan and execute the orders effectively.

One who decides to take IAS over other Services, is very much aware of the changes he can bring to the society with his intelligence, He is very much aware that his decisions can make or break the system. He, as we see can enjoy his powers but has to act very carefully so as to take care of the society welfare as well. The decision to become an IAS officer is a responsible one. One should choose IAS Service when they decide to give their whole and sole to the government system.

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