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DRONACHARYA IAS ACADEMY opens the doors to opportunity, financial freedom, and happiness in your career.

If you have a passion for education and a real desire to invest in your community, owning a Dronacharya Ias Academy center may be the door to your future. There are many ways you will find happiness and contentment as an active DIA Owner. Seeing those first curious students fill up your facility, working with the talented educators on your staff, and growing your business as the schools and parents in your community learn about the valuable services you offer are just a few of the ways you will find satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.

The DRONACHARYA IAS ACADEMY management and administration teams are composed of passionate and dedicated individuals who share our mission to help students achieve their personal best. Our educators strive to help students to improve their performance in the most prestigious exam in the country: they are dedicated to encouraging students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

Just as we are committed to our students, we are also committed to our partners in education. Over the next few pages, you will learn more about who we are, what we do, and why you should be the next Dronacharya IAS Academy Franchisee to join this exciting team.

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Our Franchise Owners

At Dronacharya IAS Academy, it takes a special individual to take on the role of shaping the minds of countries leaders. These individuals express core values of being positive- minded human beings who are passionate and energetic about education, tutoring and running a business. Our franchisees are adaptable, collaborative, and efficient in getting the job done effectively and seeing results. If you possess these qualities, then you should look into starting a franchise with us today!

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EXECUTIVE UPSC BATCH is exclusively for students who meet the following conditions Given 1 or 2 attempts and have a basic knowledge of all subjects. Have completed their basic coaching from some or the other classes. Are capable enough to study on their own, just need a little direction and mentoring from the right person.

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